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Clients and Projects

CWLLC provides services to engineering firms, law firms, municipalities, public and private utilities and authorities.  CWLLC does not provide services in direct competition with his former firm, Greeley and Hansen LLC.

Clients include:

·        DC Water – District of Columbia

·        AquaLaw PLC – Richmond Virginia

·        Douglas & Boykin PLLC, Washington, DC

·        Citizens Energy Group – Indianapolis, Indiana

·        Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge, & Rice LLP, Washington, DC

·        Buckhannon, West Virginia

·        Unified Government of Wyandotte County - Kansas City Kansas.

         Buckhannon, West Virginia

         Charleston, West Virginia


Example Clients Served through Greeley and Hansen LLC include

o   Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission

o   Fairfax County Virginia,  

o   The City of Alexandria, Virginia

o   Anne Arundel County Maryland

o   Passaic Valley Sewage Commission

o   New York City Department of Environmental Protection

o   Northeast Ohio Sanitary District (Cleveland)

o   Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

o   Metropolitan Sanitary District of Hamilton County Ohio (Cincinnati)

o   Alexandria Sanitation Authority (now Alexandria Renew Enterprises)

o   Arlington County, Virginia

o   Ocean City Maryland

o   Hanover, Virginia

o   Roanoke, Virginia

o   Toledo Ohio

o   Richmond Virginia

o   Tacoma Washington